TADS (Temporary Anchoring Devices)

Temporary Anchoring Devices (TADS) are  small titanium anchors that are placed in the upper or lower jaws to aid in orthodontic tooth movement.  TADS serve as a anchor to help the orthodontist treat some malocclusions that would otherwise be more difficult to treat.

TADs can:

  • Stabilize a tooth being used as an anchor
  • Eliminate the need to use a tooth as an anchor
  • Provide an anchorage point where tooth anchorage is not normally available

Orthodontics with TADs can:

  • Can reduce orthodontic treatment time
  • Eliminate the need for a headgear
  • Allow limited tooth movement in preparation for a bridge, crown or dental implant without braces
  • Close some open bites without jaw surgery

Your Orthodontist would determine if TADs are indicated. Drs. Gonzalez, Maniscalco or Carr will work closely with your orthodontist the placement and eventual removal of your TAD. Generally these anchors can be placed in the office with local anesthesia.